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I woke up and found myself on the ceiling of a room I looked around there wasn't much in the room just a grand piano, a banana tree which all the bananas were labeled 'eat me', a vase right below me, and some pillars then I tried to stand up but I fell to the floor I shook my head I found my butt stuck in the vase. I tried to get myself out of it but I was jammed in tightly
Zim: "Zim commands you to stop being stuck" I fell on the floor face first, brilliant I looked around then out of nowhere the piano opened up and someone came out, keef in a mouse costume what the heck!!!
Zim: "keef?" he turned around and look shocked and jumped up to the banana tree which made quite a few of them to fall, he took a bite of one and almost instantly a pink poof surrounded him.
Zim: "he disappeared" but a mini keef ran out of the cloud and started running to the end of the room "hey, wait where you are going? WAIT" he ran to a little door I didn`t notice before I snaked my way to the piano maybe there was an entrance I could fit in I looked into the piano there was just a bunch of strings
Zim: "where did he come from?" I inched my way to one of the bananas and scarfed it down a pink cloud surrounded me and before a knew it I was small as a mouse I pushed the vase over so I could walk over to the door and when I opened it was all dark I but I had no were else to go so I stepped in anyways. Right after I stepped in the doors shut it was pitch black but this tunnel had to lead somewhere shortly after I found myself in a garden a huge, giant- oh wait that's right I`M the one who's tiny I walked thought the garden but I noticed something the flowers looked weird then I swore one of them had eyes but I shook it off  
Flower: "you're not from here are you" I screamed and turned around and looked up it was a flower with a face a FACE I was in shock I ran away from the demon flowers but up out of the blue there was a caution sign
Zim: "what was that for" I wondered out loud but I soon found out as I tripped over a branch and fell into a hole
Next thing I knew I was in a pool and I quickly swam to the top and climbed out and coughed up some of the water but it tasted weird like somewhat salty.
"You sure have cried a lot huh" I turned around to find Dib on a mushroom smoking a bubble pipe I just gave him a "huh" look
Dib: "you would have had to, to fill a pool this size" he was right it was almost Olympic sized "see this is a collection of all the tears you`ve shed in life, you have had you fair share of heart ships huh?"
Zim: "Dib? Wait these are all my tears?"
Dib: "that`s what I just said" he blew some more bubbles "oh and by the way I would get away from the edge it isn`t safe" just then some crocodiles came jumping out at me and I darted to the mushroom that Dib was on
Zim: "what is wrong with this place?"
Dib: "oh by the way the only way to get back to size and get back to where you were you need to have an audience with the queen" then I saw some baby crawling away into another room
Zim: "hay that little baby`s crawling away on its own!"
Dib: "that`s not my problem" I scowled at Dib and followed the child into a hallway
"You're not from here are you Zim" I turned around there was nothing I just kept on walking but I heard it again but louder it was a girls voice but I never heard it before
Zim: "okay whoever you are come on out so I can see you and how do you know my name I demand to know!"
"Don't you know demanding things will get you know where" I turned around I swear I heard the voice right behind me
Zim: "I said come out"
"Only if you say please" I prepared to yell out no way but I did need to find out who this was and she sound stubborn so I sucked it up
Zim: "please" I heard a chuckle and then Mimi appeared she just appeared out of thin air in front of me and the weird part she was floating in midair   
Mimi: "now was that so hard"
Zim: "Mimi you can talk?" She was in her cat hologram and she was a lighter shade of purple that when I last saw her  
Mimi: "yep and not only that, here I can appear, disappear" she disappeared for detestation "and reappear anywhere" she appeared inches away from me
Zim: "so what I'm hearing is you're even more annoying" Mimi just laughed and ran off and disappeared it was the end of the hall and I saw the baby crawling into one of the opened doorway and I chased after him when I got to the room Tak was sitting on a sofa chair on a rig with the child in her arms and Mimi was lounging on a couch at the base of it  
Tak: "so what brings you hear" I was surprised she hated me, but she was acting sweet, like she didn`t know who I was and what was she doing with a child?!!
Zim: "so are you the baby`s mother?"
Tak: "you may refer to me as duchess, and that is my cat I believe you have already met her" she didn`t answer my question and I had a feeling she wasn`t going to. I looked around a little "hey, would you mind taking care of him for me while I'm gone" Tak put the child in my arms before I could answer then she stepped back on the rig
Zim: "wait, when will you be back"
Tak: "who can say I've been scheduled to appear in court with the king and queen" she started to laugh and the rig lowered and she was gone
Mimi: "you know she`s just pulling your leg that doll doesn't even belong to her" I looked down and to my surprise the child had turned to a wooden doll. I didn't really know how that happened but I did know if I ever wanted to get out of here I needed to see the queen so I looked at the edge of the role as the rig started to come up again. Once on the surface I stepped on it and it brought me to dining room. GIR was eating cake and for some reason he had bunny ears on along with his dog costume and he was sitting with Gaz who had a top hat on, wait were they having a tea party?  
Gaz: "if you hear to see the queen you're going to have to wait"
GIR: "yeah the duchess is scheduled to be executed"
Zim: "wait what`d you mean executed Gaz what for!!!!?"
Gaz: "one does not fight the queen's whim trust me"
Zim: "well I can't just sit here and do nothing!" I ran to the court room door
GIR "even when he`s dreaming kyo-kun is still kyo-kun" Gaz nodded her head in agreement

A spotlight went on Tak, even in court she still stranded on the rig
King: "duchess you stand before us accused of abandoning your poor child alone while you went to the royal music festival do you confess to your transgression?" I barged into the room
Zim: "what transgression!" the king looked to his left to me, I was caching my breath from running all the way to the court room so fast
King: "who dares disturb this court?"
Zim: "I do, and will not let Tak get murdered for something that people do pretty much every day!"
Tak: "Zim let me handle this you're just going to make things worse"
King: "nay, let`s hear him out"
Zim: "sir the child wasn`t abandoned when a parent is away providing for them there children know there doing it out of love, sure they might get lonely and scared at times but they understand besides if you kill Tak, I mean, duchess how is her child any better off!"
King: "alright you`ve change my mind but let`s talk about your crimes shall we, it is my understanding that you attempted to murder an entire race, and hurt a lot of other Irkens as well" my eyes dilated in shock how did he know all this
Tak: 'and how did you know my real name when I said my name was duchess"
Dib: "and mine"
Mimi:" my name too, he knew mine too"
Gaz: "and mine" all these people came out of nowhere like Mimi and I was just lost
Kyoko: "now you sure made a lot of friends now haven`t you Mr. Rikki?" I turned around it was the queen who was just sitting on the thrown next to the king a second ago I look over at the king who was still sitting down he took off his hood with made it possible to see his face [he pretty much looked like a tall and grown up version of Zim but with smaller eyes]
Zim: "dad?! You're the king, so does that mean…does that mean, it can`t be" I looked at the queen towering above me she took off her hood and sure enough it was Mom, she knelt down in front of me and I hugged her and started balling my eyes out
so what do you think this was going to be a stand alone story but it turned out too short so i just stuck it in this story it`s a invader zim version of the episode Haruhi in wonderland from ouran host club (and if anyone is wondering why GIR called Zim kyo-kun i needed a replacement for Haru-chan and kyoko is his middle name so it worked)
o.h.c. (c) funimation
iz(c) nick
don't kill me just cuz i wrote this im hooked on both shows
last chapter-[link] next-[link]
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