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I was being shaken as I started to wake up it was Dib; it was still the middle of the night. I looked up at him and wiped the tears from my eyes that I had produced in my sleep. He was kneeling in front of me I was still under the bed with the blanket wrapped around me
Dib: "Zim what are you doing under the bed like this?"
Zim: "is it still going on?" he just gave me a "huh?" look but a loud crack of thunder answered my question I squeaked in fear and put my head to the floor and put the blanket over my head and went further under the bed
Dib: "Zim you`re afraid of thunder" I wined "Zim come out from under there it seem it would be scarier under their"
Zim: "no it`s okay I'm used to getting through stuff like this this by myself" Dib just stared at me
Dib: "you do this at home too by yourself, you're always by yourself aren't you ever since your mom died you`ve had nobody to look out for you" I looked up at him I came out from the bed
Dib: "until now, you got me, you got Gaz, and GIR" we both smile and for the first time a crack of thunder went off and I had a smile on my face
I ended up sleeping with Dib it was true I had someone to take care of me but that didn`t mean I was over my fear but I would someday… just not NOW, or any time soon.

I woke up and smelled bacon and got out from under the covers, carful to not wake Dib who was still sleeping, go figure and I thought I was a late sleeper. I put the blanket that was still on the floor back on my bed and went to the kitchen and Gaz was there finishing a peace of bacon.
Zim: "hey" I grabbed a piece and started on a pancake
Gaz: "hey Zim, whoa what up with the hair" I gave a confused look to her and worked my way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She was right my wig was a total flop but I was too tired to care I wasn`t a morning person especially having been woken up two time by dreams. I went back to making my pancake. One I was done I sat next to Gaz she smiled at me I just kept on eating keeping in mind I skipped dinner for the first time in my life last night. I heard someone coming down the stairs it was a yawning Dib. He didn`t say anything he just pored a bowl of cereal pored milk in the bowl and sat across from us but what I didn`t get is how he could eat so quickly I took it about 2 minutes to eat the hole bowl. Membrane came in the house apparently he`s an early riser and he`d been up since sunrise. After breakfast we went about are day Dib and Gaz went swimming I stayed and watched on the dock after that we explored a bit of the area.

After night fall it had stopped raining and pretty much everyone went to sleep except me and Gaz we went out for a while. The full moon was out reflecting on the lake everything was perfect, we sat down on a log bench near the shore and talked a bit we stayed quiet for two seconds burring the whole conversation, but for some reason we both just stopped and looked at each other I felt warm in the face she started leaning in wait what was she doing then it clicked I leaned in too. We kissed, it was my second kiss but it felt way better than the first time. I heard someone clearing there throat behind Gaz we both had are eyes closed at the moment so I opened my eyes slightly when I saw who it was I broke it and turned pail because standing in front of me was Membrane I thought only one thing at that very moment
OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in Membranes office (leave it to him to have a work room in a cabin) I swear once I got up there would be a puddle of sweat below me I mean how was I going to explain the kiss to Membrane, or the fact that when I broke the kiss I had to put my tongue back into my own mouth.
Membrane: "so Zim how long how has this been going on?" I swallowed

I came out of his room glad that talk was over I went straight to my room I didn't want to be anywhere near Gaz at the moment, and I was guessing Membrane was going to Gaz too.
When I got to mine and Dib`s room Dib was reading a book with the end table lamp on instead of the main light. I sat on my bed and took out my note book and wrote for a while, I didn`t feel sleepy at all. I wished there was a piano in the house, then I could think, or calm down one or the two so I decided to look around the house I didn`t get to look at much of the house with everything going on. I checked to see if anyone was still in the house and to my surprise everyone was asleep, and to be honest I wasn`t even sure Membrane slept. I went out to the big tree in the front sat on one of the main branches, sat in an Indian stile, and just closed my eyes it was the way I cleared my head, I believed the technical term was meditation. A couple of deep breaths and I was cooled down quite a bit  
Dib: "can`t sleep either" I turned around Dib I shook my was looking straight up at me he climbed up next to me I look down and noticed his wrist was hurt
Zim: "what happened to your wrist?"
Dib: "oh, some jerks slammed it into my locker door last day of school don`t worry about it it`ll heel up" I looked down at my hand and back to the injury even with PJs on I still had my finger gloves on I never showed my whole hand
Dib: "Zim is there something on your hand you're not showing me"
Zim: "what no why would you think that, that`s ridicules" I said in a nervous tone I couldn't have made it more obvious but I couldn`t help it for some reason when in front of Dib I was a terrible liar, I just could not keep anything from him, mostly it was because of the fact he`d probably find it out eventual anyways he just gave me a 'you really think that`s gonna convince me' look I gave up took a deep breath and took one of my glove off and showed Dib the inside of my palm.
Dib: "that-, that`s it, a tattoo" I looked it was a sun looking symbol, it was on both hands but one things for sure it wasn`t a tattoo
Zim: "yeah give it a minute" after a few seconds the symbol started glowing yellow and it was really bright too I was surprised no one noticed
Dib: "well that`s different why does your hands glow exactly?" I could tell he was a little creped
Zim: "I don't really know it just always done that"
Dib: "your markings actually glow" clearly he was shocked
Zim: "that`s not all it does" he looked at me weird "just don`t freak out" I grabbed his wrist and made sure the symbol was touching it closed my eyes the symbol glowed blue for a few second then stopped when I took my hand off Dib looked at his wrist and he looked like he saw a ghost because there was nothing but skin, not even any evidence that the accident happened. He opened his mouth to scream
Zim: "please don`t freak out" I said quickly he closed his mouth
Dib: "no I'm- I'm not freaking out I'm just very interested in your ability how long have you been able to do that exactly?"
Zim: "since I was born" I chuckled at his reaction to my healing ability
Dib: "I've always wondered how you recovered from your injuries so fast, now I understand, do all Irkens have that power" I felt weak, I always did after I healed someone; I shook my head in response.
Dib: "so it`s just you" I shook my head
Zim; "it`s rare, but I'm not the only one" I felt tired Dib saw this and carefully climbed down, I put my glove back on and just jumped off the branch and lightly landed on my feet like a cat. Dib and I went straight to our room I fell on the bed and slept like a rock all night.
so what do you think? please comment and if your wondering the sun on the preview picture is the symbol on zim`s hand
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ALitoOne713 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
awww, pretty nice ^^ too bad Zim got caught XD
dmhello Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha yeah lol
zadrrocks Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Artist
You got part of that off of tangled the diney movie omg wow!
dmhello Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg your like the first person to notice the similarity :iconclapplz: really people???
zadrrocks Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Artist
I know Ty
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